The R2NSC app

Free for all tour participants, the R2NSC app shows you …

  • where you are and your distance to the destination
  • your estimated time of arrival
  • your current speed and your average speed
  • the next service point (including distance and service information)
  • the current location of the pick-up bus, the transfer bus and the hotel bus
  • the current location of your team members
  • the other participants in your area
  • the current wind and weather forecasts along the R2NSC
  • … and your family and your friends where you are via the !LIVE page!

Your family, friends and the tour management can send messages at any time during the tours.

If you get lost, the R2NSC app lets you know by letting out an acoustic signal.

Now completely reprogrammed by our sponsor Krankikom, the R2NSC app is available via the My Tours page, the Apple Store or Google Play from 01/04/2018. We recommend using the R2NSC app for all of the tours. You will need a smartphone (no older than around two years) running iOS (at least version 10) or Android operating system (at least version 5.x Lollipop), a weatherproof smartphone bike mount and an external battery is recommended (approximately 15,000/10,000/5,000 mAh for the R2NSC/RAC/ORC) or a dynamo connection or an e-bike battery with a USB port. Learn more about power supply options here.

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