Showers and toilets

The changing rooms and showers at the Strandportal Bensersiel are free of charge for R2NSC participants until 10 pm on 23 June 2018. Toilets are always provided at all the service points of the Ruhr challenges.

What is the late ferry?

According to the regular ferry schedule, the last ferry from Bensersiel to Langeoog on 23 June departs at 5.30 pm. Only a few of our R2NSC participants will be there on time for that.

With that in mind, we have chartered a late ferry for 9 pm (later is not possible because the island railway from Langeoog Harbour has to arrive in Langeoog centre no later than 10 pm due to noise restriction regulations).

If you want to take the late ferry, simply book a ticket voucher for one person and when you arrive on 23 June redeem the voucher for a real ticket at the ferry office in Bensersiel. Additional tickets can also be booked then if required (family, dog and bike, of course).

Is a starting place transferable?

Is a starting place transferable? Unfortunately, we cannot transfer a starting place: as organisers, we have to make sure that all participants receive all the necessary information. This happens not only in writing upon receipt of the registration documents but also via additional info mails, for example, that inform the participants of the tour requirements in urban and rural districts. In the event of a transferral of a starting place to another person, this duty of information cannot be sufficiently ensured. This is why the R2NSC General Terms and Conditions contain the following sentence: “Participation is a personal right and therefore not transferable.” For this reason, we recommend taking out starting place insurance. This can be booked via Hanse-Mercur, for example. You will find detailed information here. Thank you for your understanding!

When will the GPX file be available?

Because we and all participants are required to fulfil the different requirements set by the city and country districts for every bike tour, we do not publish the GPX file with all of the requirements until these are finally released by the authorities – this occurs approximately 1 week before each tour. On the one hand, this ensures that each participant has received the appropriate regulations and, on the other hand, that only the final route is used (as only one route is known). For viewing purposes, the provisional route for every tour is stored in My Tours (under the menu item “Route”).

Tips on preparation

  • Summer landscape with green grass, road and cloudsTrain on 100-km tours on flat paved routes.
  • Ride in a team, especially with headwinds.
  • Use the optimum gear, a rhythm of 90–100 revolutions per minute is ideal.
  • Have your saddle and handlebars optimally adjusted, preferably at a specialist cycle shop.
  • You might find using magnesium to prevent muscle cramps helpful.

Registration documents

After the application deadline on 31/03/2018, the registration documents go directly to print and are then sent out by mail or, if necessary, delivered by PONY RIDERS. If you have NOT received your registration documents by 14/04/2018, please send an e-mail to The registration documents for each tour include an individual bike label, which shows the entry ID or the fun name and, where applicable, the name of the team. This is to be attached to the bicycle somewhere where it is clearly visible. In addition, a fabric bracelet is enclosed, which must be worn visibly especially at the Service Points.

Will the tour take place in any weather?

If there is a severe weather warning issued for the tour route by the Deutscher Wetterdienst and the participants could be at risk, the tour will be cancelled for reasons of force majeure. The registration fee will not be refunded. Otherwise, the tours will take place whatever the weather conditions.